“All I can say is ‘WOW!’

— Kimberly W.


As a child, I made my dream a reality by holding concerts in our basement for the neighborhood children, dressing up like Motown stars and scatting through my favorite jazz standards. I am also the same girl that won her first music award at the age of 7, singing “Let’s Stay Together" by Al Green.

I grew up in a family of musicians, listening to a wide range of artists — from Leontyne Price and Sarah Vaughn to Chaka Khan and Barbara Streisand. These powerful artists inspired me to become more than just a pretty voice. I work to add unique articulation and personality to everything I sing.

I have performed for thousands of people around the world and am the lead vocalist of the Jeannine Rivers Group, a group well-grounded in genres of the soul. We continuously polish our sound and give new life to jazz by sprinkling it with funk, pop, soul, rock, and R&B with each beat, twang, silvery treble, focused bass, and sultry note.

It’s a sound that will have you mesmerized from beginning to end.


Ben Hans, drummer of the Jeannine Rivers Group, has stated, “Rivers has a voice that will bring a cold soul to life, and the drive to push warm blood through your veins while leaving you with chills from a spit fire performance.

Add to that masses of personality and a talent that sends Classical colliding with Jazz, adding the ingredients of R&B with a dash of Pop and Blues.”

When you mix it all together, you have a style that I call “Jazz Funk”.


Iridescent October

Feast your ears upon the mesmerizing sounds of this unique blend of the new norm.

“While some of the songs have been recorded many times by others, there are no throwaways; these renditions are fresh, spirited and full of subtle surprises, and worth a very close listen to. A powerful and expressive singer, Jeannine Rivers knows how to tell a story in music. The Milwaukee-based vocalist’s recording debut is consistently impressive, fully displaying her talents in straight ahead and soulful jazz.”

— Scott Yanow

Jazz journalist and historian and author of 11 books including “The Jazz Singers,” “Jazz On Film,” and “Jazz On Record 1917-76.”






Jazzed Funk, Soulbop, and all the notes in between.


Cassandra Wilson, Stephanie Mills, Regina Belle, Barbara Striesand, Sarah Vaughn, Dinah Washington, Diane Reeves, Ste, and many more



With “Iridescent October,” it was important to me that I include a trace of my human soul and draw from my personal experiences. While most of the standards on the album are familiar, these versions are unique with remnants of Pop, R&B, and Blues including a splash of Reggae.

I wanted to create an album that would enhance these beautiful tunes in a way that was different, stellar, as only I could personally do, according to my own inner-musical-beauty, giving origin to my sound.


Whether it's background music,
a black tie affair, a wedding,
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The Jeannine Rivers Group

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“If you like Abbey Lincoln's voice or, for that matter, Sidney Bechet's clarinet or King Oliver's trumpet, you'll adore Jeannine Rivers's river-deep voice of enormous depth and range -- not just tonal but *emotional*. She swings on her uptempo joints, and drenches her ballads in love.”

— Eric B.

“I have had the pleasure of enjoying the sounds of the Jeannine Rivers on several occasions - at casual lounge events and also at private gala events.  All I can say regarding her live performances is "WOW!" Her song choices and talent are amazing - her unique voice and innovative arrangements of familiar jazz and R&B songs are fantastic - she has even helped to make a few of my ‘non-jazz loving friends’ now self-proclaimed ‘jazz-loving friends!’”

— Kimberly W.

“I decided to hire the Jeannine Rivers Music for a fundraising gala I was organizing - and it was the best decision! She was willing to help brainstorm new ways to market our event and help our organization tap into a new demographic. And, of course, Jeannine Rivers Music gave a performance that had people talking for the next six months!”

— K. Wellhoefer


Iridescent October may be Rivers' debut album, but the jazz singer comes off like a seasoned pro!”

Journal Sentinal

“Her powerful and expressive vocals, along with a mix of jazz standards and original compositions, make her an audience favorite!”

WUWM 89.7

“Rivers cites singers Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald and Carmen McRae as her musical influences, and her powerful voice follows in the footsteps of these jazz greats.”

Shepherd Express


Let’s add some groove to your next event!