" Milwaukee's Divine One  Sarah Vaughn meets Aretha Franklin " - Nancy Foster

God created me with a song in my heart. A talent, a sound that makes me unique; a part of my life that no one could ever take. Light to hold on to that reminded me that God was near.

As a child, I made one of God's visions for my life reality by holding concerts in our basement for the neighborhood children, dressing up like one of my favorite Motown stars, and scatting through my favorite jazz standards. I am also the same girl that won her first music award at the age of 7, singing “Let’s Stay Together" by Al Green.

I grew up in a family of musicians, listening to a wide range of artists — from Leontyne Price and Sarah Vaughn to Chaka Khan Mahalia Jackson and Barbara Streisand. These powerful artists inspired me to be more than mediocre-more than just a powerful pretty voice. I add a unique articulation and personality to everything from Gershwin to Marvin Gay.

I have performed for thousands of people around the world and I never get tired. I believe in giving new life to jazz by sprinkling it with funk, pop, soul, rock, and R&B -seasoning each beat, with focused bass, and sultry notes.


It’s a sound that will have you mesmerized

from beginning to end.

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I can hear the Ella Fitzgerald comparisons, but the precision

of her diction reminds me of Dinah Washington”.

- Dave Tianen, Milwaukee   Journal Sentinel.

 At a glance, especially in her live performances, you will find that Jeannine often sounds like a master architect at work, choosing the perfect note for the right spot, making every sound and moment of silence count. Her interpretations of lyrics, sense of swing, and ability to infuse each song with her soulful feelings set her apart from the crowd.

Jeannine has a voice like that of Ella, with rich deep overtones that have been compared to Sarah and the sass of Dinah Washington-giving birth to a tone that will bring a cold soul to life, and the drive to push warm blood through your veins while leaving you with chills from a spitfire performance.


Add to that masses of personality and a talent that sends Classical colliding with Jazz, adding the ingredients of RnB with a dash of Pop and Blues.


When you mix it all together you have a vocalist that is looking forward to taking the same ingredients from the stage to a platform of musical praises to God. 


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