It’s a sound that will have you mesmerized

from beginning to end.

Iridescent  October

As a musician and vocalist Jeannine's best work can be found in her Debut CD“Iridescent October,” 


Jeannine states -"it was important to me that I include a trace of my human soul and draw from my personal experiences. 


While most of the standards on the album are familiar, these versions are unique with remnants of Pop, R&B, and Blues including a splash of Reggae.  I wanted to create an album that would enhance these beautiful tunes in a way that was different, stellar, as only I could personally do, according to my own inner-musical beauty, giving origin to my sound.


 Jazz Pop, and all the notes in between.


 Sarah Vaughn, Dinah Washington, Abbey Funk, Stephanie Mills, Regina Belle, Barbara Streisand, and many more