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  "A Dream Defered is Still a Dream Alive "






As the CCO and Founder of Illuminate Your Dreams, LLC-   I love to connect with people who are yearning to create something new in their life. A part of my mission involves showing people how to stimulate a positive change within their life that will help them unlock the key to their confidence, power. and faith in God.

I am a "Lived Experience Expert". Exactly what do I mean by this? I know what it's like to have a lack of confidence, live life in darkness, and how it feels to forget about the endless possibilities God has for your life. As a suicide attempt survivor, I know the battle of daily working to conquer suicidal ideation. At the same time, I know what it's like to be more than a conqueror; having faith the size of a muster seed, closing your eyes, and seeing the glory of God ahead. I like to think of myself as a professional mountain climber. The obstacles in climbing a mountain are physical, it means endurance, persistence, integrity, and showing God that you have trust in his mightiness. Mountains also do not move and they are the ultimate symbol of stability and spiritual strength.

I am fiercely motivated to be the light that shines in the lives of those that cannot find their way, building a community of strong faith leaders that will add a wealth of emotional excellence in their lives as well as in the community. I am dedicated to cultivating women’s growth and empowerment- mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I am looking to assemble women who illuminate professionally and personally; becoming leading women that will overtake boardrooms and remain in the forefront, showing women of the world the promises of God.


This is why I am proud to be a Global Connector, partnering with Prevent Suicide - Greater Milwaukee, Mental Health America - Wisconsin, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and political constituents in an effort to change policies affecting mental health.

I  am a worshiper, wife, mom,  mental health advocate, professional vocalist, musician, and 3-time bestselling author!! I get to carry out my mission and be a champion for God by sharing my journey to Christ with women and girls everywhere. There is no mountain high enough or obstacle that God can't handle.  My trust and faith in God's plan showed me how to become more than a survivor.  I want to show you how allowing God's s plan in life will lead to many blessings! 


I don't  Believe in hiding my Scars

Scars are authentic Medals of Honor

                                 - jeannine  rivers


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