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"After spending over 20 years in the banking management industry, and another 13 years fulfilling a childhood dream of entertaining audiences both locally and beyond. It seems only fitting to take all of the notes in-between that helped me survive some of the darkest days of my life and put them to good use by promoting change and excellence in women and girls everywhere."

                                The Best is Yet to Come, 









I consider myself just an ordinary girl with an extraordinary story of survival. I strongly believe that our past can shape our future. You will find that our paths may be different, but our lives are connected.

It is my mission to see women thrive in this world and  Illuminate their dreams with confidence. To do this women must have a mindset that is yearning to open the doors to their own personal mental strength and mental wellness. Confidence is within the framework of mental Strength.  

Women who possess more confidence believe in themselves, believe they can, and will, complete the task ahead of them. They will consistently keep their heads when things go wrong and often summon the greater resolve to overturn the situation. This momentum means they will invariably succeed where others will fail and are determined to succeed even when the task is unachievable.




As the CCO and Founder of Illuminate Your Dreams, LLC I get to use my skills as a Mental Health Advocate & Lived-Experience Expert I get to carry out my mission by coaching women during their journey to mental health wellness.  

I have successfully conquered many challenges in my life. Therefore, my experiences lay the foundation, giving me the credentials to educate women by providing them with the proper skill set needed to illuminate their way forward in the spirit of confidence.

When I am not speaking or doing coaching workshops you will find me entertaining at events with my band- Jeannine Rivers Group!




40 extraordinary women come

Together to celebrate a new era

What people are saying....

Dr. AnnetteMG-


I loved the diversity of the personal stories that the women shared in this volume of 21st Century Voices. I particularly thought the contribution by Jeannine Rivers Colburn, “My Black is Beautiful,” insightful and apropos in recognition of Black History. Ms. Rivers shares a memory from her beloved father and his embracing of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech and her realization that Blackness matters. The awareness that she has been living in an illusion of equality awakens her Black identity, which is not always an easy thing to admit. Jeannine is “woke,” Black identity matters, Jeannine’s Black is Beautiful, Black Lives Matter.

Michelle Kolton

I admire all the women who shared a little piece of their life in the short stories in this book, especially the story by Jeannine Rivers Colburn, “My Black is Beautiful”, reminded me of this past summer(2020) of the times I stood on my balcony watching as the people peacefully marched by chanting.


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 I will be your biggest champion and at the same time be your biggest cheerleader!

                                                      - Jeannine

Phone Number: 414 795-6003   /     Email:  jeannine.rivers@gmail.com

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