I live a fulfilled life as an author, inspirational speaker, confidence coach, and professional vocalist.

Determined, tenacious, and fierce describe my stance and demeanor towards life. My story takes listeners to a place and time filled with complex darkness. Yet, out of the obscurity, came a light that has turned my path into a rewarding and bright journey. I will teach you how to accomplish what many believe cannot be done.

As a Vocal Performance graduate and professional vocalist, I am also a Performance Techniques coach who enjoys using music as a tool to help build confidence.

I understand how to connect with people on a majestic level as well as an intimate level. Invite me to your event as an inspirational speaker, connect with me privately in a coaching experience or workshop, or hire my musical group to perform for you. I promise positive vibes that will reverberate into the following days.


It is my mission in life to simulate a positive change in the lives of women everywhere while also continuing my journey as an advocate and mentor for mental health and suicide prevention. I openly share my history with mental illness to help stop the deadly stigma.

This is why I am proud to partner with Prevent Suicide - Greater Milwaukee, Mental Health America - Wisconsin, and political constituents in an effort to change policies affecting mental health.

As the CEO of my own company Illuminate Your Dreams, I get to carry out my mission and be a champion for women and girls everywhere by supporting their desire to fulfill a lifetime of dreams. I achieve this through coaching sessions, workshops, and speaking engagements.


We are born with an innate ability to be fierce and to lead a fearless life.


After surviving a suicide attempt at the age of 21, I fiercely worked to conquer the emotional challenges that led me to that dark point. I went from living with a mind-controlling religious cult that held my thoughts hostage to escaping, finding freedom, and living to pursue the dreams of my childhood.

I escaped death for 6 months only to need an open-heart surgery, which led to 4 additional surgeries — all done within 2 months. Death was the expectation, and yet I still live. I am proud to be a seasoned survivor, and I celebrate it by living each day to the fullest.


If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts NOW, call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

#beherenow #waitfortomorrow


I am a voice of love, hope, and courage to women all around the world.

As women, our identity is often found in the expectations and viewpoints of others. This leads us to seek validation and continuously work to please others. When we don’t succeed at pleasing those around us, we are left feeling worthless and develop low self-esteem.

We all deserve to feel good about ourselves when we look in the mirror. When we see a reflection of disgust and regret staring back at us, we are experiencing a lack of confidence and inner-power to recognize our own greatness.


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“Voices of the 21st Century” brings 50 extraordinary women together to celebrate this new era of female voices rising up to educate, guide, and inspire.

My chapter "Hearing a Close Call" is about the voice of my inner power that gives me courage, strength, and the willpower to face life’s challenges. It is a voice that survived a suicide attempt and now chooses to embrace its freedom to live another day.


what they’re saying—

The stories in the book are amazing and inspiring- stories of hope, courage, and survival. I especially loved the chapter by Jeannine Rivers- Hearing a Close Call. Wow! A true story of survival!

— Sue P.


Since I'm almost halfway through my ninth decade, I'm not looking for stories to inspire me to form my own business or find a new career. So what I find most interesting in these many stories published by the Women Speakers Association are those from women who learned how to attend to their own inner voices to find the strength to transform their lives and the lives of others. One remarkable example is that of Jeannine Rivers' story, "Hearing a Close Call." I wish I had heard and attended to my own inner voice as early in life as she was called to do...and did! I also appreciate that each story contains a contact address to reach the author or find out more about their work.

— Kay A.

I was truly moved by the stories I read in Voices of The 21st Century. I feel inspired and enlightened by the hope that I can overcome anything. Each woman has gone through their own journey that has led to their own self-empowerment. All of the stories really hit home especially the chapter written by Jeannine Rivers, her story shined a bright light in my life and I’m sure in the lives of other women. We each have struggles each day to simply just live life to the fullest each day. , she encourages and gives the inspiration to be better aware of our own inner power and to keep going and trusting. I am destined to make a difference and contribute my voice for positive change too. What a gift this book is to my soul. I will definitely buy some for my girlfriends and family too.

— Louise B.


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