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"Inspiring and Refreshing!

- Christina Z




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Confidence Foundation

Mental Strength 

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For women to win at being confident they must have the tools needed to successfully complete tasks that may be considered too difficult by individuals with similar abilities but lower confidence.

Confidence and Mental Strength, therefore, are important in getting the job done and communicating with and influencing other people.

Education is the nugget and attaining Confidence and strong Mental Strength is the Goal! I am seasoned when it comes to empowering women and adding light of Illuminating power to their lives! 


"After spending over 20 years in the banking management industry, and another 13 years fulfilling a childhood dream of entertaining audiences both locally and beyond. It seems only fitting to take all of the notes in-between that helped me survive some of the darkest days of my life and put them to good use by promoting change and excellence in women and girls everywhere."





I don't  Believe in hiding my Scars

Scars are authentic Medals of Honor

                                 - jeannine  rivers

It is my Mission to Empower Ridiculously Compelling Confidence while promoting Mental Strength that Illuminates! 



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