“Inspiring and Amazing!”

— Bruce C.


I Practice Radical Inclusivity.

I’m the CEO of Illuminate Your Dreams, where I fulfill my mission to inspire teen girls and women of all ages to build confidence, harness the power of self love, and create amazing lives. I know firsthand how hard it can be to reach your dreams. I share my personal story as a reminder that each of us holds the power to motivate change in our lives.

I will help you move the mountains in your life by finding the courage, strength, determination, and faith that lives in you. We can work together in a personalized coaching experience or in a group workshop setting.

My motivational presentation can be delivered as a full teaching or as a thought-provoking closer to any corporate luncheon, convention, prayer breakfast, worship group, community gathering, or other private event.


My coaching certification covers a broad spectrum of areas. I am a seasoned certified coach in the areas of confidence, women empowerment, creativity, goal-setting, and life accomplishment. As a degreed vocal performance major and professional vocalist, I also enjoy using music as a tool to help build confidence. I have been coaching, performing, and speaking in front of large audiences for over 40 years.

My coaching takes a holistic approach, addressing the whole person — the mental, emotional, and social factors of your life. By the end of it, you will possess a new language for your own mind!

I will share with you how I personally rose above the darkness and overcome unbelievable challenges. As I share with you the tools that I continue to use within my own life, I will be your biggest advocate.

The 4 components to my Coaching


Overcoming Doubt

Confidence Building

Identifying Your Brand


I will show you how to use your past as a tool for defining the future that you want to live.




Today could be the day you
Illuminate Your Dreams

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